CDS technical expertise enables it to create system for ‘small town’

Designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining a multi-panel networked fire safety system across a sprawling, multi-building organisation is a complex challenge – but one at which CDS has been succeeding for more than a third of a century.

It is proud of its long-term relationships with clients who appreciate the technical and logistical expertise required to undertake such a task.

CDS has recently completed a large tranche of work for one of its long-standing higher education facility clients – the refurbishment of part of a Gent Vigilon multiple networked system which protects a total of around 80 buildings across many hectares of the institution.

As well as the size and extent of the buildings presenting a challenge, the CDS team needed to be mindful of the diversity of architectural styles into which the equipment was to be installed, with buildings ranging from massive uber-modern edifices to historical listed structures.

“It’s just like looking after a small town full of shops, houses and hospitals,” said CDS regional director Derek Stacey. “But in this case it’s classrooms, conference facilties and student accommodation.

“We’re a Gent Elite Technology Centre which means our engineers are highly skilled and qualified to be able to cope with demanding situations and complex needs. We haven’t just designed, installed and commissioned the system. We’re looking after it too, for its entire life cycle.

“The mixture of building styles, the size of the organisation and the different uses for which the buildings have been created present many challenges, all of which we at CDS are able to overcome from a design point of view. There are so many different criteria to take into account.

“We want to ensure that our future scientists, researchers, politicians and artists are all kept safe, whether they’re sleeping in their student accommodation, studying in a lab, or relaxing at the bar. If there is a fault or a fire incident we’re able to act swiftly.”

CDS has been working with many large educational establishments – from schools to universities and specialist research institutes – for more than 30 years.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

CDS installs technical fire safety system at scientific research institute

A scientific research institute carrying out sensitive work at a British university appointed CDS to design, supply, install and maintain a highly technical fire safety system suitable for use in a clinically sterile environment.

The centre’s specialised activities, which take place in a ‘clean room’ – a controlled environment with a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours – meant it needed the niche expertise offered by only a handful of fire compliance organisations.

The department, which carries out confidential and ground-breaking research, needed to ensure the safety of its staff, property and equipment with a system which didn’t compromise the sterility of the room and its occupants and wouldn’t cause any contamination when safety checks and maintenance were carried out.

It also needed a very specialised system which could detect fire in a room with the high volume of air flow created by frequent air changes, something beyond the scope of a standard fire safety detection arrangement.

CDS’ 30 plus years’ of expertise in supplying systems for highly sensitive scientific environments meant it was ideally placed to design, supply and install a specialised solution, which it will maintain over its lifetime.

The system needed to comply with BS6266 and BS5839 and have special requirements to allow all services to be tested without having to enter the clean room area.

The CDS team specified a Xtralis Vesda Aspiration, monitored via a Gent Network Fire Alarm, system which samples air though a series of concealed pipes, offering a very early fire detection warning.

The specialised BS6266 element in particular is not offered by many fire detection companies, with the technical elements of being able to offer an early warning, cope with rapid air flow changes and the ability to test the devices without needing to enter the room making the system so technically special.

The department was opened this spring by a well-known space hero.

The new system will help protect the lives of the 300 or so scientists and students who work in the centre.

Clean rooms are used in many industries in which small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process, such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and life sciences, aerospace, optics, energy and defence.

Staff working in these environments enter and exit the clean room through airlocks, air showers or gowning rooms, and must wear special clothing designed to trap contaminants which are naturally generated by the body.



CDS renews football team sponsorship deal following league victory

A Leicestershire football team, which has been sponsored by fire detection and life safety specialist CDS for the past two years, is celebrating winning the league championship.

And as well as the glory of lifting the Leicestershire Foxes Sunday League trophy, the team has been rewarded with a further two-year sponsorship deal with CDS to help it repeat its success in the coming couple of seasons.

Members of Fleckney Athletic under 12s have been sporting stylish shirts emblazoned with the CDS logo since 2020 – and the young footballers are looking forward to continuing the relationship until 2024.

The deal will also see CDS continue to fund equipment such as balls and cones, as well as annual player awards, camps and tournaments.

The inspiration for the sponsorship came from CDS sales manager Paul Flude, whose sons play for two of the Fleckney Athletic teams – one in the under 13s and one in the under 10s.

Paul is also a coach for the under 10s team and has completed his level 1 coaching with Harborough Town FC, which also includes first aid training and safeguarding for children.

CDS managing director Simon Abley said: “Here at CDS, we’re all about making sure people are safe. While our professional role is protecting them from fire, we also believe in investing in the local community and helping our neighbours stay safe and healthy. So we hope our small contribution will play a part in helping the dedicated Fleckney Athletic team achieve this goal.”

Other recent CDS community contributions have included raising funds for Leicester Royal Infirmary, the city’s general hospital and Lutterworth food bank.

CDS has been helping protect lives and property for social housing providers, councils, police authorities, hospitals, care homes, universities, factories, warehouses and airports for more than 30 years.