CDS technical expertise enables it to create system for ‘small town’

Posted: 26.06.2022

Designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining a multi-panel networked fire safety system across a sprawling, multi-building organisation is a complex challenge – but one at which CDS has been succeeding for more than a third of a century.

It is proud of its long-term relationships with clients who appreciate the technical and logistical expertise required to undertake such a task.

CDS has recently completed a large tranche of work for one of its long-standing higher education facility clients – the refurbishment of part of a Gent Vigilon multiple networked system which protects a total of around 80 buildings across many hectares of the institution.

As well as the size and extent of the buildings presenting a challenge, the CDS team needed to be mindful of the diversity of architectural styles into which the equipment was to be installed, with buildings ranging from massive uber-modern edifices to historical listed structures.

“It’s just like looking after a small town full of shops, houses and hospitals,” said CDS regional director Derek Stacey. “But in this case it’s classrooms, conference facilities and student accommodation.

“We’re a Gent Elite Technology Centre which means our engineers are highly skilled and qualified to be able to cope with demanding situations and complex needs. We haven’t just designed, installed and commissioned the system. We’re looking after it too, for its entire life cycle.

“The mixture of building styles, the size of the organisation and the different uses for which the buildings have been created present many challenges, all of which we at CDS are able to overcome from a design point of view. There are so many different criteria to take into account.

“We want to ensure that our future scientists, researchers, politicians and artists are all kept safe, whether they’re sleeping in their student accommodation, studying in a lab, or relaxing at the bar. If there is a fault or a fire incident we’re able to act swiftly.”

CDS has been working with many large educational establishments – from schools to universities and specialist research institutes – for more than 30 years.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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