Obsequio applauds its colleagues during National Customer Service Week

Posted: 04.10.2023

Our clients frequently praise our help desk and engineers for the brilliant customer service we offer.

And as this week is National Customer Service Week, we thought we’d celebrate some of the ways in which our customer service teams and engineers at CDS, APS, Drax 360, Genex and Brunel have helped clients out of a fix or ‘just’ given them a warm fuzzy feeling of being looked after.

The week, organised by The Institute of Customer Service, shines a light on the important role played by the frontline people who ensure even the most complex of actitives runs smoothly.

It highlights a different aspect of customer service every day.

Monday looks at the impact of AI on customer service. It shares research on how, while artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with customers, it poses challenges when used as an alternative to human skills. The research looks at the future role of AI and the ethical and social issues it presents.

On Tuesday, the focus is on respect. With the cost-of-living crisis leading to consumers being under more stress, the day looks at how frontline workers can be protected from abuse.

Wednesday examines how customer service has evolved into a profession – and the pivotal role it plays in enabling a company to be successful.

Thursday focuses on sustainable growth and how the customer service team can help companies grow in an environmentally friendly way.

And Friday is a chance for companies to shout about some of their customer service heroes.

Obsequio group CEO Simon Abley said: “For some companies, customer service is regarded as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a value. While each of our companies has a specific customer service desk whose skills lie in juggling the complex pieces of a jigsaw – such as lining up engineer availability and service capacity, it is something every single member of the team offers.

“The engineer installing life safety equipment at a hospital or carrying out water testing at a leisure centre is the face of the company, just as much as the person answering the phone to respond to an emergency. It is this experience, as well our decades of expertise in the compliance sector, which ensures our customers return year after year.

“Yes, we provide a vital service in terms of safety and compliance, but doing that with surly colleagues could send clients running off to find a friendlier alternative. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat our customers as fellow human beings. Excellent customer service runs through our veins like the letters through a stick of rock.

“And this week we want to show our gratitude and support for the colleagues who help our valued customers and ensure they find us a pleasure to work with.”

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