CDS installs multi-panel fire safety system at category C prison

Posted: 18.05.2022

Installing a fire safety system in a live prison environment requires not only the technical expertise to carry out work with minimum disruption under strict security protocols, but also absolute trust in every single engineer involved.

CDS’ long history of working in highly sensitive environments such as police stations and prisons is one reason it was selected to install a multi-panel Gent Vigilon network system at one of 55 category C prisons in England.

The networked system, which reports back to a central control room, means the sprawling prison’s 400 inmates, along with visitors and staff, are now protected in the case of a fire outbreak anywhere in the buildings.

CDS assisted with the technical design, supplied, installed and commissioned the system which offers the security team a total overview of the site, enabling them to identify the precise location of any alarm activated.

CDS’ other law and order clients include Leicestershire Police, a contract which requires every member of the team involved to be DBS checked to an enhanced level, and go through a stringent police vetting process, which is obligatory for all police officers and for the constabulary’s outsourced service providers.

As well as giving the force confidence that those entering their premises are squeaky clean, it means CDS customers from other industry areas, such as healthcare and education, can be reassured that the people with whom they come into contact are honest and trustworthy.

CDS managing director Simon Abley says trust is paramount when it comes to dealing with all its clients, with sectors such as policing having even greater sensitivities to manage.

“As a service provider to Leicestershire Police Authority, our engineers are required to work in a variety of different police premises that might including sensitive locations such as custody suites where people may be experiencing difficult, challenging situations. It is essential that our personnel respect and observe the highest levels of confidentiality in the course of their work.

“The stringent police vetting process requires all CDS engineers to submit details about their homes, family and lifestyle. Anyone failing to attain the highest level of integrity would not be considered for a position in our service team.”

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