CDS installs wire-free carbon monoxide monitoring system in home with open fires

Posted: 28.06.2021

CDS has just finished installing a wireless carbon monoxide detection system in a large property with the sole purpose of monitoring potential harmful gases released from open fires.

One of the key requirements of the client was that no cabling should disturb the aesthetic appeal of the building which contains several rooms with open fires.

The existing analogue/addressable fire alarm system posed no problem for CDS, which has more than three decades of experience in carrying out complex, multi-faceted projects. But as the need for CO detection was highlighted after carrying out the fire risk assessment, the second half of the commission was potentially more challenging.

Incorporating CO detection presented a potential problem, as the design of the rooms meant there was no way any cabling could be concealed.

The solution was to install battery operated CO sensors, and CDS chose the Ei208 models manufactured and distributed by AICO limited. The devices are capable of wireless transmission to a receiver which, in turn, is interfaced onto the existing main fire alarm system detection loop.

The installation team located an electrical switch cupboard which already had a smoke sensor installed and were able to install both the AICO receiver units and loop-powered system interfaces within the space, thus providing detection with no apparent effect on the internal décor.

In addition to the CO monitoring, CDS specified, installed, and commissioned an advanced addressable fire alarm system incorporating Apollo smoke sensors, which enables immediate identification of the precise location of any fire outbreak, and carried out all related refurbishment work.

CDS has been installing carbon monoxide monitors as part of its all-encompassing life safety system work for many years, but until now they have always been wired into existing wired fire detection loops. This has never been an issue, as the structure of the buildings has either enabled installers to hide the cabling, or, in the case of some commercial premises, hasn’t had the aesthetic impact such a procedure would have on centuries-old interior design.

Having successfully pioneered the use of this battery-operated system CDS is ow looking forward to offering the product to other similar clients and properties.

Other attractive older buildings on which CDS has carried out major installation projects include Leicester City Council’s magnificent Victorian town hall. As the property needed to remain up and running during the day, the CDS team carried out the work overnight over a few weeks to ensure a seamless transition from its previous system.

CDS has an impressive 33-year track record in the education, healthcare, logistics, leisure, airport, industrial property and housing sectors.

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