CDS resolve AOV failure ahead of HQ’s existing incumbent supplier

Posted: 24.07.2023

CDS beats London Fire Brigade deadline to repair AOV system – a fire safety issue so dangerous it threatened the closure of London-based organisation’s HQ

London Fire Brigade had given the company just three weeks in which to rectify a long-standing fault with its AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) system. The organisation’s incumbent suppler had tried on several occasions to repair the failure – before CDS were called upon to resolve the issues, with the initial faults being fixed within 24 hours of attending site.

The building’s AOV system was completely out of service – meaning if a fire broke out, the vents would not open to release smoke – and rendering it non-compliant with fire safety regulations.

The work saw us put a three-phase repair and rectification programme in place. During phase one we replaced faulty parts on the fire alarm panel to enable testing of the AOV system. Phase two meant we retested the system to enable us to identify the faults. These included water-damaged three-phase fuse carriers and faults on various PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) controls and the final phase saw us organise a team consisting of a qualified electrician, fire alarm engineer and an apprentice to replace, programme, retest and certify the system.

CDS service manager Keith Helstrip explained: “While the company had been given three weeks to sort out the non-functioning AOV system. we succeeded in rectifying it ahead of the deadline, allowing the LFB to attend in plenty of time and witness the operation of the system.”

An AOV system – consisting of automatically opening roof vents activated by a smoke detector or manually-operated alarm – is designed to help evacuate a burning building by clearing lobbies, stairwells and corridors via ‘smart’ smoke control, allowing a safe route to the nearest means of escape. Vents open automatically when a fire is detected, with any smoke and heat taken into the ventilation system and disposed of in a safe location.

With over 30 years’ experience installing, commissioning and maintaining fully-compliant AOV systems, we can ensure your commercial or multiple occupancy building protects the safety and wellbeing of your occupants by ensuring you provide clear, smoke-free routes for evacuation and emergency access.

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