Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)

Smoke is often the biggest killer in fires and can spread through a building in minutes. An AOV system is designed to ventilate and extract smoke in the event of a fire, to help prevent smoke inhalation and keep emergency evacuation routes clear. As well as protecting the safety and wellbeing of your people, commercial and multiple occupancy buildings are required to provide clear, smoke-free routes for evacuation and emergency access by law.

With over 30 years’ of experience in fire protection and life safety, we can design, install, commission and maintain a fully-compliant AOV system bespoke to your estate and requirements, including a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust ventilation window with louvre and damper door options.

AOV systems can also be used for day-to-day ventilation, with advanced systems controlling temperature, humidity and CO2. Helping to create a comfortable environment for building users, as well as enhanced protection in an emergency.

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