CDS directors welcome new MD and chairman with plans to develop the business

Posted: 05.09.2020

CDS is looking forward to an even more successful future – thanks to further investment and a new chairman and MD at the helm.

Co-founders Martin Iliffe and Tony Mikunda are remaining firmly on the board as shareholding directors, alongside the firm’s existing, highly qualified team of engineers and sales people.

So, while all the expertise and passion for fire detection and life safety, and the pedigree the company has built up over 33 years, remain the same, it will be able to offer its services to more organisations over the coming months and years.

CDS has an impressive track record in the education, healthcare, logistics, leisure, airport, industrial property and housing sectors – all areas it is planning to expand.

Investors and new MD Simon Abley and chairman Simon Cashmore were the movers and shakers behind outdoor services specialist TCL Group, growing the business 14-fold over 12 years before selling it in 2019.

Its expansion was achieved through strategic acquisition of complementary companies with the aim of broadening both its geographical reach and service offerings. It was named one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe in 2017 by the London Stock Exchange.

New MD Simon Abley explained: “This is an exciting time for CDS and I look forward to working with the team to continue to build the business, both organically and by further acquisitions over the years to come. The fire detection and life safety systems market, indeed the compliance service sector generally, is deeply fragmented and we anticipate will provide a strong ‘buy and build’ opportunity for CDS.”

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