Apprentice fire alarm engineers praise CDS apprenticeship programme

Posted: 09.02.2023

During National Apprenticeship Week this month, apprentice fire alarm engineers have been praising the support they receive from CDS as they undertake their three-year hands-on training programme.

Jamie Sanders, Mason Rayns and Grace McDonald are all passionate about the apprenticeship route into the industry – and the support they receive from the rest of the CDS team.

Jamie loves his job, which involves the maintenance, installation and repair of a variety of fire alarm systems.

“I enjoy working at CDS because they are very eager to support my professional development and allow me to explore many skills within varied experiences throughout the industry. Furthermore, all fellow engineers are amazing and always willing to offer support and advice when needed. I feel apprenticeships are the best way to learn a trade, allowing me to make an income and gain qualifications at the same time.”

Mason added: “The thing I enjoy about working for CDS is that not every two days are the same. There is always a different job to go to, a different place to see and new people to meet. My day-to-day consists of many different things. One day I could be replacing smoke detectors, doing general fire alarm maintenance and much more.

“I think an apprenticeship is a brilliant way to learn a trade and would recommend it to anyone.”

And Grace, who was nominated last year for the Apprentice of the Year title at the British Security Awards, hopes she can inspire more women to join the industry.

“I was really fortunate to have stumbled across the fire alarm industry, and just found it clicked with me and presented a career path I was really eager to follow,” she said.

“I think all trades – be it fire alarm engineering, plumbing, heating, electrical or bricklaying – should be presented to girls throughout school so they can make an informed decision about whether that’s something for them or not.”

CDS MD Simon Abley is a huge enthusiast for the apprenticeship route into the industry, as he also began his career as a trainee.

And he is behind the company’s decision to expand its existing apprenticeship programme, with the aim of training ten apprentices over the coming years, in partnership with the UK’s largest fire and security apprenticeship provider, Skills for Security.

The next cohort is likely to join CDS in August

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