CDS poised to celebrate National Customer Service Week

Posted: 28.09.2021

The CDS team is warming up to mark National Customer Service Week next week, by highlighting some of the fantastic achievements not only of the team on the customer service desk, but also some of the ‘above and beyond’ moments of some of its colleagues.

The week is organised by The Institute of Customer Service whose purpose is, not surprisingly, to improve not only the performance of individual businesses across the UK, but of the wider economy, by focusing on offering excellent customer service.

The Institute says its research shows a sustained improvement in customer satisfaction will provide a £33bn per year productivity boost to the UK economy.

CDS MD Simon Abley said: “Customer service is extremely important to us. As well as giving everyone a warm fuzzy feeling, it offers a real business benefit. We want the relationship with our customers to go on for many years. As well as specifying and installing systems in the first place we want to be retained to maintain, service and eventually update them as regulations change. If we were to ignore the needs of our customers, they would go elsewhere.

“While our customer service desk is the first port of call for any client needing advice or help, everyone at CDS is an ambassador for the company. We’ve had many wonderful comments from our customers about our installation and service engineers for example.”

Every day during the week, which runs from Monday October 4 until Friday 8, focuses on a different aspect of customer service.

Monday looks at the changing world of work and the balance between human and technological responses to working with customers.

Tuesday concentrates on ensuring respect for customer services teams, some of whom can be the target of abuse.

Wednesday looks at the skills required to ensure excellent service.

Thursday emphasises that customer service needs to be dealt with at boardroom level, with good customer service being reflected in year-end balance sheets.

And Friday asks companies to celebrate their customer service ‘heroes.’

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