CDS plans hybrid and all-electric vehicle fleet as part of broader green initiative

Posted: 20.09.2020

Fire detection and life safety specialist CDS is aiming to embrace electric and hybrid technology for its entire fleet of staff cars over the next three years.

Just over 20 per cent of the vehicles driven by its engineers are currently hybrid, but as fleet contracts become eligible for renewal the cars will be replaced with either electric or plug in hybrid alternatives wherever possible.

The move fits in with the firm’s overall aim to become greener in all areas of its business and it is working with customers and suppliers to ensure all the equipment parts it supplies and maintains are replaced or recycled wherever possible.

New CDS MD Simon Abley is pioneering the initiative, in partnership with director Martin Iliffe and service manager Keith Helstrip.

Simon explained: “We are aiming to make changes to our working practices which will be as beneficial as possible to the environment, while ensuring we maintain the high standards of service our customers have come to expect over the past 30 plus years.  With transport generating around 30 per cent of the UK’s CO2 emissions, this is just one area we thought would be worth looking at, with further initiatives to follow.”

Models likely to be on the CDS greener shopping list include the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the world’s first a plug-in hybrid SUV. It can manage 28 miles on its electric capacity before the traditional engine kicks in.

Another hybrid plug-in from the BMWX5 range is an alternative option. It can manage 54 miles on its electric-only element.

And for electric car purists the BMW i3 can run for up to 188 miles before needing to be recharged. Added to that, BMW boasts other green credentials including using recycled plastic bottles in parts of the seats and doors and the fact that it is manufactured at a car plant powered entirely by the wind!

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