During Customer Service Week we spend a day in the life of our customer service desk

Posted: 20.10.2021

It’s National Customer Service Week this week and every day on Linked In and Twitter we’ll be celebrating some of the ways our brilliant team has been helping our customers.

We’re starting by having a deep dive into what our specialised customer service desk does – and we spoke to service supervisor Matt Peet, who’s been at the helm for more than a decade, to meet the team and find out what goes on in the average day.

Our dedicated customer service desk operates 24/7 and ensures our customers always have a voice at the end of the phone. Not all life safety system providers have a dedicated resource of this nature, instead relying on their engineers to handle the customer service side of the business.

Matt’s customer service team of Faye, Shannai, Katie, Charlotte and Andy are on hand Monday to Friday to look after more than 650 customers across the UK.

“We always look to provide a tailored personal customer experience,” explained Matt.  “We want to exceed customer expectations. We have exciting plans which will see us developing our systems to give our customers a best in class customer experience.”

The team divides its tasks into four areas – service and maintenance, callouts, small works and warranty issues.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our service, and a new and improved customer portal will be launched over the coming months. This year we have worked with customers to install remote fire alarm monitoring to give us the visibility in the office of their fire alarm panels. Our focus is to ensure that the system not only complies to standard but that its health is optimal,” said Matt.

“Our coordinators all complete external fire alarm training to help give them a better understanding of issues faced when a fire alarm goes into fault. A typical issue could be an emergency callout where a fire alarm shows a fault indicating it has a split loop, which could mean part of the alarm isn’t working. In this case, we need to get someone to site quickly to ensure it’s not left in a compromised state.

“Our team is designed to find solutions. If we don’t immediately know the answer, then we find and ask the right people and ensure we respond to the customer.”

A typical day

Matt gives an example of a typical day on the customer services desk – although of course every day is different!

  • Client calls in with issue/query
  • Service desks listens and looks to provide an answer. This could be an engineer response.
  • If an engineer is required, we will log this in our system and get our engineer to call the customer or attend site
  • Should the query not be for an engineer and the team is unable to respond then this is escalated to me or another manager
  • We talk the situation through with the team member and look for a solution. This could be me handling the situation, the admin or coordinator
  • Once a solution is found we call the client to advise and look to action it
  • If an engineer has attended site, once the work report comes back to the office, our admin teams will check these for any recommendations or variations to any standards. We get the information back to the office once the engineer has completed the work report on his or her mobile. This is pretty instant. Any recommendations or variation will be highlighted to the customer. In some instances, a quote will be provided to the customer and the service desk will ensure the responsible person is provided with a copy of any highlighted issues
  • When an engineer attends we always look to provide a first time fix where possible
  • Once the client is happy we will look to action any highlighted issues to resolve any problems on site
  • Time for a cup of tea
  • Rinse and repeat the process the next day – usually with a twist!

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