Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic fire suppression systems are designed to detect and control fire in situations where conventional water sprinkler systems may not be the best solution. From industrial and manufacturing facilities managing chemical hazards, to buildings containing valuable assets and critical services that need to be protected from water damage. They are also ideal for remote, inaccessible and unmanned parts of a building, and places housing electrical equipment, such as data centres and server rooms. Fire suppression systems use a range of methods to extinguish fire, including gas, chemicals, foam and water mist, with each technology suited to different kinds of fire and locations.

With our extensive experience across fire protection and life safety, we’re here to design, install and maintain the fire suppression system that’s right for your organisation, bespoke to your unique estate and specific requirements. Working with your in-house team, we’ll carry out a thorough risk assessment and recommend a fully-compliant, environmentally-responsible solution to meet your priorities and protect the safety of your people and your business.

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