Fire Doors

Fire doors are a critical part of any fire safety plan so it’s vital they are installed, maintained and used correctly, in order to be effective. They are designed to both contain a fire in the area where it started, to prevent it spreading, and allow access to protected escape routes to evacuate people from the building.

With our specialist knowledge and experience, we can identify where and how many fire doors are needed to protect your people and your business, and fit them precisely to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. The British Standards for fire doors are stringent, set out in BS 9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings.

In addition, our qualified technicians are also here to carry out the six-monthly inspections required by BS9999. Every inspection involves checking the individual components of each fire door to maintain its structural integrity and make sure it works correctly in the event of a fire, including intumescent door strips and frames, recommended gaps, fire safety signage, hinges, glazing, hold-open devices, and panic hardware for external fire exit doors. We also support your in-house team to make sure fire doors are used as they should be.

To provide full protection a fire safety door must:

  • Display its certification and all ironmongery must be CE marked and compatible with the door’s certification.
  • Not be altered from its original state to provide glazing apertures or air transfer grilles.
  • Have a constant gap around the door of around 3-4mm.
  • Seals must be fitted at the top and sides.
  • Have closers which shut the door onto the latch from any position.
  • Close correctly around all parts of the frame

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