FAAST – A Revolutionary Aspirating System

Introducing FAAST, supplied and supported by Complete Detection Systems.

What is FAAST?

FAAST – Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology™ – is a new generation of smoke detectors from Honeywell, which uses advanced technologies and software to deliver the earliest and most accurate smoke detection.

FdecWhere should FAAST be used?

The FAAST device range is designed to protect people and assets in even the most challenging environments where standard detection methods fail or are prone to false alarm, or in areas which may not previously have been protected. FAAST has one focus. To protect people, mission critical facilities and high value assets by sensing the faintest traces of smoke, in a wide range of challenging environments.


Intuitive Data

FAAST provides you with the data you need to manage your environment. It includes 5 alarm levels, 10 pre-alarm particulate levels and a 10-level air flow pendulum which verifies that air is flowing effectively through the pipe network. It also includes a full range of fault indications. All of this information can be read quickly and easily on the device’s intuitive integral display or through a variety of remote devices.

Dual Vision. One Focus.

FAAST’s dual vision sensing technology uses a blue LED to detect a wide variety of ¬ fires with extremely low concentrations of smoke and an infrared laser to identify nuisances (like dust) which can cause false alarms and downtime. Advanced algorithms interpret signals from both sources to meet one single focus — to protect your facility, people and assets with the earliest and most accurate smoke detection available.


Stay Connected

If there is a situation at your facility, you need to know about it instantly. FAAST’s unique on-board Ethernet interface enables you to monitor the detector from any Internet browser, smart phone or mobile device with VPN capability. You can also con¬figure the detector to deliver e-mail status updates to appropriate personnel. This means you will be advised of whatever you need to know to protect your facility — no matter where you are.


Quick Set-Up

FAAST’s all-in-one system configuration and monitoring software, PipeIQ®, guides you through initial pipe layout and system configuration. Once the system is installed, it enables ongoing configuration and system monitoring from anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using FAAST’s on-board Ethernet connection. The PipeIQ® software is included with FAAST.

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